We Have The Safest Method

Shark Blasting has an excellent solution for blasting within refineries, chemical plants and even on live pipelines.  The water in the dustless blasting system suppresses dust, sparks and static electricity.  We make it far safer to work around than traditional dry blasting.  We have the ability to get surface preparation done quickly and efficiently without having to shut down plant operations.  Our process is invaluable! 

Environmentally Friendly

Shark Blasting uses a dustless blasting process which is environmentally friendly. Our media will clean, restore and protect your surfaces.  With traditional sand blasting, you are left with enormous amounts of clean up and dust.  When we are blasting, there is no heat generated.  Shark Blasting's process does not cause warping of any product.  Our dustless method is what many people in the industry refer to vapor blasting. 

Big Or Small, We Can Handle It All

Shark Blasting can handle any size of job, from small to large.  Do you have a fleet of vehicles that need to be stripped, a large piece of equipment, tractor, tank or more?  Shark Blasting can handle it.  With us there are no industrial or toxic chemicals.  We are environmentally friendly, dustless, safe and efficient.

Shopping Centers

When we are working at a shopping center, you can rest assured that we are not creating unnecessary dust around vehicles or patrons.  With us, you will be happy with our speed and efficiency. Here are some of the areas where we can assist you: Building surface cleaning, Graffiti removal, Paint and coating removal, Sidewalk cleaning, Parking garage cleaning, Parking stripe removal, Stamped concrete sealer removal, Brick cleaning, Concrete cleaning, Stone cleaning and so many more applications.

Condominiums & Apartments

Brick and stone cleaning, Driveway stain cleaning, Paint removal, Graffiti removal, Swimming pool paint removal, Stamped cement coating removal, Garage floor and Paver cleaning, Wood surface cleaning, Flood and Fire damage cleaning.


Industry Applications

With Shark Blasting we can assist in the surface preparation in so many industries.  Whether you are a commercial, industrial, agricultural, marine, automotive, environmental business or agency, Shark Blasting has the ability to solve your needs.  In surface preparation, here are some of the areas that our services are needed: Concrete buildings, Roads, Parking structures, Railroad box cars, Construction equipment, Aviation, Fleet, Highways, Playgrounds, Parks, Factories, Office buildings, Parking lots, Powder coating and many more applications.  Contact Shark Blasting today.