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Our blasting method is environmentally safe. Concrete restoration, paint removal, all sorts of surface preparation.  

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Shark Blasting's process using the dustless blaster solves the warping problem caused by dry sand blasting. The dustless process uses water which reduces friction and prevents heat. On metal, there is no risk of warping like there is with dry sandblasting.  When we use the rust inhibitor, it will remove chlorides and leave a perfect paint ready surface on metal.   Our process is faster, cleaner and greener than any other paint stripping technology available today.

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Look at the difference of how the pine carport looks after we removed the de-laminated stain.

Shark Blasting's process is the safest on many types of woods.  We use a finer blast media and lower pressures, which allows us to blast softer woods without damage.  Because our media is eco-friendly, there is no harm in using this process near other people.  Our blasting company is mobile, we come to your facility to quickly get the job done.  We offer many services for home owners such as: Walkway Cleaning, Driveway Cleaning, Log Home Cleaning, Patio Cleaning, Deck Cleaning, Fence Cleaning, along with a number of other unique applications.   

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Shark Blasting's process increases productivity, decreases media consumption and solves air quality issues.  By adding water, we’re adding mass and energy.  We remove coatings faster and with less abrasive media.  With our process we use water which traps the blast media and pulverizes the coating,  This process allows the particulates to fall onto the ground which prevents it from going into the air.  This process allows other workers to work on the same vessel at the same time.  Shark Blasting's dustless process is exactly what it sounds like.  Once the media hits the surface being blasted it loses all energy and falls to the ground.  Media only goes where you put it.  This process makes proper environmentally compliant disposal, easier than ever.

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Shark Blasting is your solution for blasting within refineries, chemical plants and even on live pipelines.  The water in the dustless blasting system suppresses dust, sparks and static electricity. This process makes it far safer than traditional dry blasting.  Our ability to get surface preparation done quickly and efficiently, will prevent you from having to shut down plant operations.  This is invaluable!   Shark Blasting can remove paint, primer, rust, grease and any other type of coatings.  Shark Blasting can do all of the removal in one step.  On metal, we use a rust inhibitor which removes all chlorides in the water.  With this process we create a paint ready surface which will prevent flash rust for up to 72 hours.  Shark Blasting uses the dustless blasting process which is the new gold standard in the surface preparation industry.


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Line Stripe Removal



Shark Blasting is the perfect company for removing pavement striping.  The dustless process removes paint or thermoplastic completely.  Unlike traditional sand blasting or grinding, this process does not damage the concrete or pavement.    

Shark Blasting’s process is faster, easier, less messy and less expensive than any other method for removing line stripes.  You can also remove gum, oil stains, tar and just about anything else from concrete.   

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Graffiti Removal



Graffiti is a problem that plagues virtually every community. It detracts from the aesthetics, decreases value and can even deter customers from visiting a business.  Pressure washing won’t get rid of it.  Sandblasting can destroy the original material.  Soda Blasting kills nearby grass and plants.  The dustless blasting process by Shark Blasting, obliterates graffiti, leaves the original surface intact and doesn't harm nearby plants.

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When we decided to start Shark Blasting, we had in mind the tremendous potential this machine would bring to many different industries.  If you need to remove paint, rust, stain or other troublesome materials from your projects, we have the machine to provide that service.  If you have buildings, parking lots, equipment, boats, vehicles or other applications, our process is the best available today.  We are delighted with the method of dustless blasting.  We know that our customers would be happy to have a piece of equipment that would be faster, cleaner and less expensive than the traditional sandblasting method.

 We come to you with our mobile dustless blasting unit.  We can do the work at your site or a designated location.  By using Shark Blasting, you can eliminate the use of chemicals, pollutants and dust while gaining efficiency and speed.  The only thing released into the air is water vapor and destroyed particulates.  Our method of dustless blasting is much more effective than power washing, due to the abrasives used and variety of pressure settings available.  We can restore your brick surfaces to a new condition in a short amount of time.  We are Shark Blasting and we service Snohomish, Skagit and surrounding counties. Shark Blasting is licensed and insured for both your protection and ours.  No matter how big or small your job is, we provide first class service to you.  We can handle any type of project!  Contact us today for a free quote on your project. 


What Is Dustless Blasting?

Unlike sandblasting, which uses dry sand and creates dust, dustless blasting mixes water with an abrasive.  This process is designed to minimize the amount of dust left behind during the process and increase the energy employed by the blasting machine.  This unique way of removing particulates is the most efficient and environmentally safe process available today.

Why Use Dustless Blasting?

When you’re looking for a media blasting service that will produce little to no dust, Shark Blasting is the best choice for the job.  Our dustless blasting method is great for cleaning and prepping surfaces for paint and stains.  We make the clean-up process a breeze because water and vapor limit the dust.  To learn more about how dustless blasting can work for you, contact the professionals at Shark Blasting today!  Call (425) 256-2060.

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